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Nitsea Navegação Ltda. As the naval operations expand each day in due course with the overall oil drilling activities in Rio de Janeiro Estate (Macaé/Campos Oil Field), the maritime companies demand to aggregate new vessels to their fleet in order to improve their speed in execution of the new different ways of service. Due to this scenery, the majority of cargo and supply boats are presently in constant service. Not only the cargo, but also marine survey vessels, crane barges, logistic support boats, personnel transport, fast boats and other modals are much sought.

The Group disposes of one of its companies, Nitsea Navegação Ltda., engaged in the naval freightage, logistic and naval operations support and provides a variety of vessels to efficiently meet the new contracts requirements and assure safe work. The company attention to maintenance aims to keep all the vessels constantly in readiness to start immediate work under any kind of difficulty. All they follow a detailed schedule to replace worn out parts as well as instruments and gauge checking. The crew is enabled to operate Nitsea vessels and receive all the specific additional trainings. Then, for each specific task or operation, Nitsea offers one respective vessel.

Feb 18, 2012

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